Female Developers



90% of software developers are men. A general hypothesis for this huge gender imbalance is schooling – Women earn just 18% of undergraduate degrees awarded for computer science. The largest employers in Silicon Valley, including Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo, are comprised of 70% males.

Because of this, Coding House is offering a 100% scholarship to our full immersion live-in coding bootcamp in order to #ChangeTheRatio

We are offering this scholarship to one female developer per cohort. In order to find the best candidate, we are holding a contest (see rules below).


Judging Criteria



Coding House has hand picked industry experts that will be announced before the judging process begins. Judging will be held on March 23rd, 2016 at 1pm PST.

  • Drive/Commitment to becoming a software developer
  • Creativity
  • “X Factor” – Do you have what it takes?
  • How our program will benefit you

If you have already been accepted into a future Coding House cohort and have made any payments (including deposit) and you win the full ride scholarship, you will be refunded in full.