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100% project-based, designed to help you be self-reliant

The most important thing: You will “Learn how to learn, on your own, so you can be self-reliant.” ™ New frameworks come out every week, and it’s important that you are able pick up a framework on your own, work in teams, and merge and troubleshoot your code.

Our JavaScript project based curriculum is designed for maximum comprehension and retention. You will learn the MERN stack, along with other cutting edge frameworks, Test Driven Development, how to integrate and create API’s, Responsive Web Design, Task Management, Performance Testing, and more.


Environment Setup, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript Fundamentals, ReactJS, Flux, Redux, Webpack, Git and GitHub, Bootstrap, jQuery, Firebase


NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Mongoose, RESTful APIs

Group Projects

Work with other students on various projects, building applications front to back using Agile methodology
Mentor new students. Teaching is the best way to understand something. By helping new students, you find new ways to solve problems, approach challenges, and nail down the underlying concepts of development.

Capstone Project

Build the application of your choice. Your capstone project can be an app you plan to launch for your own startup or sell on the app store. This, along with all other projects you build throughout the program, will result in a quality portfolio.


Live, Eat, Code

Coding House is an all inclusive, 14 week Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp. Learning to code is very similar to learning to speak a new language - the best way to do it is to move to a country where you have to speak it all day, every day. Here at Coding House, we provide everything you need so that you can focus in an environment full of code!

Job Placement Guarantee

Students will gain exposure to Silicon Valley’s hottest companies, startups, and enterprises. Pay a placement fee of 18% of your first year's salary. We make introductions, help with placement, and help you to build your portfolio to showcase the skills that you’ve learned.

Live With Code Mentors

Help is available from 9AM until midnight on weekdays, and during the day on Saturday. When it’s late at night and you're stuck, pair with an instructor, code mentor, or another student for as long as you need. The average cohort size is sixteen people, which ensures plenty of one-on-one time with your instructors and mentors. Typical ratio is 1 code mentor to 5 students.

The Hottest Stack

Learn the current and trending web languages and frameworks that are in-demand now and into the future. Understand the pros and cons of each framework, basic syntax, and vocabulary so that you can pick the right tool for the job. Having the ability to pick up a new framework in a day, or a language in a couple days, is an essential skill as a developer.


Day In The Life

9:00 AM Code Challenge
10:00 AM Morning Workshop
12:30 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Project Time
3:00 PM Discussion Group
3:30 PM Project Time
6:30 PM Dinner (smelled it cooking for the last hour!)
7:00 PM Back to work! Code
8:00 PM Workout = Cross-fit/Yoga (Optional)
Bed time is anytime you want! Most people hit the hay around 11pm to 1am.
Healthy and Delicious Food
Write Code
Build Apps
Solve Coding Challenges
Build your Portfolio
Learn from International Mentors
Collaborate with Classmates
Don't Pay Until You Get a Job!


Zero Tuition

Coding House is the only Full Immersion™ all inclusive boot camp in the world. We charge 18% of your first year's salary. To learn more, check out this FAQ.

Don't Pay Until You Get A Job

We believe in our approach so much that if you do not get a job as a developer, you don’t pay the placement fee! This ensures that our goals are aligned with yours. You can learn more on how we can do it and how it works, and about the outcomes for our students.

Upcoming Cohorts

    About Us

    Our mission is to provide a viable alternative to higher education; one that does not result in crippling debt and teaches the real world skills necessary to get a job - in a fraction of the time.

    Founded in 2014, we have the only live­-in all­ inclusive bootcamp in the world. During our 14 week program we provide room, board and instruction in our facility.

    Our Manifesto


    Make sure everyone’s relationship is a win­-win. From students, to staff, to partners, this is a value we don’t deviate from.

    Change the world.

    We have lots of challenges as a species. There are many smart people working to fix these challenges, and they all need tools to do their jobs. Software engineers make the tools we all use and help to progress humanity.

    Rapid iterations.

    We don’t believe in “good enough.” There is always room for improvement. We apply the agile methodology to all aspects of our operations.

    Quick Facts

    • The median age is 26
    • Average starting pay is north of 84K
    • Project based - we build an app every 1 to 3 days
    • It takes 43 days on average to get a job after the program ends
    • 35% of the students are female
    • Student backgrounds: 1/3 have a CS degree, 1/3 are CS dropouts, 1/3 are changing their occupation

    What makes us stand out?

    Self reliance. Teaching developers how to pick up a new library in a few hours, a new framework in an afternoon, or a new language in a few days. Not that you’re going to be good at all in that short amount of time, but you can pick it up on your own without anyone’s help.

    All-Inclusive. They found out other bootcamps were similar to traditional school: 9 to 5 with homework. "So what, you’re going to send these guys and gals home at 5 or 6 o’clock with an app to build and they don’t know anything about coding? What happens when they get stuck? Do they send an email? Get on a hangout? Wait until the morning?” How could we provide help until midnight, 1, or 2 AM? The only way we could figure it was to have a live­-in program; we could have help available all hours of the night. That also had some other benefits. It’s not like it’s hard to find a room to rent, or commuting to and from school is hard, or making dinner or doing the laundry is hard. But it does take away 2­ to 3 hours a day of cognitive resources that one can apply to learning something new, with no distractions (tv, family, friends, life, etc).

    JavaScript over Rails. Ruby on Rails is great a tool in your tool box. JavaScript is more complicated, more moving parts and is harder to learn. Once you know full stack JavaScript, you can pick up Rails much easier as opposed to the other way around. Not to mention, Node surpassed Rails in the number of commits on GitHub in 2013 and lots of companies have moved to JavaScript.

    18% of the first year’s salary. This was not our idea; we got it from another bootcamp. It’s great though! We started off with a 110% money back guarantee: if the student did not get a job within 6 months, we would pay them. The problem was that some of the students didn’t have the money to pay for the tuition. This makes sure that our goals are aligned with the students. This is not a new concept, it was how the very first universities worked 1000 years ago.

    About The Ringleader

    Nick James

    Nick has taken the path less traveled - or in some cases, never traveled before. Growing up in Silicon Valley, he has be surrounded by creative and hard working folks all his life. From his first job at 9 years old working on a ranch, to going to college a few years early, he is no stranger to hard work. Starting his first business at the ripe old age of 18, Nick has always had a passion for computers and software. Coming up with and implementing creative solutions to complex challenges is what gets him out of bed at 6 AM on a Sunday morning. He has a deep passion for making this rock a better place and loves to help people to find and reach their full potential.



    Our company culture is geared toward changing the status quo, innovation, and fun. You will find plenty of support from all levels of the organization. We offer opportunities for continued professional development and advancement. Your hard work and professional dedication will be rewarded with a highly competitive compensation package.

    Market rate plus salary
    Life Insurance
    Equity (Partner)
    Investment income
    All meals are included
    Rewards program for high performers
    Medical, dental, and vision coverage

    The Team

    Nick James - Coding House Founder Nick James
    Co-Founder CEO
    AJ Funk - Coding House Co-Founder AJ Funk
    Co-Founder CTO
    Cade Nichols - Coding House Lead Instructor Cade Nichols
    Lead Instructor
    Rachel Wood - Coding House Chief Designer Rachel Wood
    Chief Designer
    Zane Staggs - Coding House Mentor Zane Staggs
    Mike Risse - Coding House Mentor Mike Risse
    James Stone - Coding House Mentor James Stone
    Mark Lassoff - Coding House Mentor Mark Lassoff
    Artem Gassan - Coding House Mentor Artem Gassan
    John Bura - Coding House Mentor John Bura
    Paul Krause - Coding House Mentor Paul Krause
    Jack Harrison - Coding House Mentor Jack Harrison
    Sarah Poloske - Coding House Operations and Food Services Director Sarah Poloske
    Operations and Food Services Director
    Steve Austin - Coding House Mentor Steve Austin
    Aldo Briano - Coding House Mentor Aldo Briano


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