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100% project-based, designed to help you be self-reliant

The most important thing: You will “Learn how to learn, on your own, so you can be self-reliant.” ™ New frameworks come out every week, and it’s important that you are able pick up a framework on your own, work in teams, and merge and troubleshoot your code. Time Spent: 90% JavaScript, 10% HTML

25+ Frameworks

Our JavaScript project based curriculum is designed for maximum comprehension and retention. You will learn the MEAN stack, along with other cutting edge frameworks, Test Driven Development / Behavior Driven Development, how to integrate and create API’s, Responsive Web Design, Task Management, Performance Testing, and more.


Live, Eat, Code

Coding House is an all inclusive, 12 week Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp. Learning to code is very similar to learning to speak a new language - the best way to do it is to move to a country where you have to speak it all day, every day. Here at Coding House, we provide everything you need so that you can focus in an environment full of code!

Job Placement Guarantee

Students will gain exposure to Silicon Valley’s hottest companies, startups, and enterprises. If you don't have a job within 6 months, we will refund you 110% of your tuition! We make introductions, help with placement, and have plenty of contract work. We help you to build your portfolio to showcase the skills that you’ve learned.

Live With Your Residents

Mentors live in the house with you and are available to answer your questions from 9AM until 1AM seven days a week. When it’s late at night and you're stuck, pair with a mentor for as long as you need. Super small class size of about 10 students ensures plenty of one-on-one time with your instructors and mentors. Typical ratio is 1 instructor to 7 students.

The Hottest Stack

Learn the current and trending web languages and frameworks that are in-demand now and into the future. Understand the pros and cons of each framework, basic syntax, and vocabulary so that you can pick the right tool for the job. Having the ability to pick up a new framework in a day, or a language in a couple days, is an essential skill as a developer.

What Past Students Are Saying

Ryan Janvier - Coding House Student
Michael Perez - Coding House Student
Tommy Janszen - Coding House Student
David Trinh - Coding House Student
Mary Le - Coding House Student
Maxwell Zirbel - Coding House Student
Douglas Walter - Coding House Student
Ryan Santos - Coding House Student
Phillip Wright - Coding House Student
Sandeep Srivastava - Coding House Student
Jose Zamudio - Coding House Student
Amah Ajavon - Coding House Student


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The companies above have graciously opened their doors and met with us to show us the working atmosphere of developers in the Silicon Valley. Many of them are offering positions to our graduates.

The Team

Nick James - Coding House Founder Nick James
Co-Founder CEO
AJ Funk - Coding House Co-Founder AJ Funk
Co-Founder CIO
Samer Buna - Coding House CTO Samer Buna
Co-Founder CTO
Chyld Medford - Coding House CIO Chyld Medford
Co-Founder CAO
Zane Staggs - Coding House Mentor Zane Staggs
Mike Risse - Coding House Mentor Mike Risse
Oswald Campesato - Coding House Mentor Oswald Campesato
Udita Plaha Udita Plaha
James Stone - Coding House Mentor James Stone
Mark Lassoff - Coding House Mentor Mark Lassoff
Eva Roa - Coding House Mentor Eva Roa
Artem Gassan - Coding House Mentor Artem Gassan
Huw Collingbourne - Coding House Mentor Huw Collingbourne
John Bura - Coding House Mentor John Bura
Paul Krause - Coding House Mentor Paul Krause
Iker Jamardo - Coding House Mentor Iker Jamardo
Jack Harrison - Coding House Mentor Jack Harrison
Sarah Poloske - Coding House Operations and Food Services Director Sarah Poloske
Operations and Food Services Director
Steve Austin - Coding House Mentor Steve Austin
Ricardo Alcocer - Coding House Mentor Ricardo Alcocer
Alex Donn - Coding House Mentor Alex Donn
Aldo Briano - Coding House Mentor Aldo Briano
Mauricio Alsonso - Coding House Fitness Instructor Mauricio

Fitness Instructor

Day In The Life

8:00 AM Workout = Cross-fit/Yoga (Optional)
9:00 AM Breakfast, Shower
9:30 AM Code - Most days we do a few of these: code challenges, build an app, pair program, teams, social media, tutorials, group projects, mentor workshop, etc.
12:00 PM Lunch (it is so good )
12:30 PM Workshop: Instructor leads a workshop introduction to a concept
2:00 PM Code
3:00 PM Free time - some people take a nap, some keep working.
4:00 PM Workshop: Instructor leads a workshop introduction to a concept, builds a small piece and repeats
6:00 PM Dinner (smelled it cooking for the last hour!)
6:30 PM Daily Coding House SCRUM meeting
7:00 PM Back to work! Code
Bed time is anytime you want! Most people hit the hay around 11pm to 1am.
Healthy and Delicious Food
Write Code
Build Apps
Solve Coding Challenges
Build your Portfolio
Live with your Instructor
Learn from International Mentors
Collaborate with Classmates
Visit Companies in Silicon Valley
Get a Job (Guaranteed!)


Tuition is $12,800

Coding House is the only Full Immersion™ all inclusive boot camp in the world. It is a 12 week program (3 weeks at home before you come and 9 weeks at Coding House). We offer scholarships, discounts and in-house financing.

110% Job Money Back Guarantee

We believe in our approach so much that if you do not get a job within 6 months, we will refund 100% of your tuition - and on top of that, pay you 10%. Coding House is the only bootcamp that has a 110% guarantee. You can learn more on how we can do it and how it works, and about the outcomes for our students.

Upcoming Cohorts

August 16th - 4 seats remaining
October 18th - 7 seats remaining
January 3rd - 9 seats remaining

Residency Extension Program: Beta

Why do some developers make more than others? Skills, Speed, and a built-in knowledge base. They have spent more time identifying bugs and solutions. Developers spend around 80% of their time fixing bugs, while only 20% is spent writing new code. Problem solving is the name of the game - the key to increased pay and responsibilities is how fast you can solve these problems. Coding House now offers a Residency Extension Program. This allows developers who just graduated from the Coding House program an opportunity to continue to learn JavaScript and web frameworks in much more depth.

Residents work on an application (from start to finish - back to front) during their residency. They help students who are going through the boot camp by pair programming, identifying bugs, and assisting with the trouble shooting process. Lastly, they attend advanced workshops held by our instructors on topics requested and recommended by the residents and instructors. Residents learn more and practice what they know so that it becomes second nature. Residents often earn 25% more in their starting salaries on average compared to their fellow cohort members.

The Residency Extension Program is 10 weeks long. Room and board are included at the Coding House facilities. Unlike the boot camp program at Coding House that runs 12-14 hours per day, 6 to 7 days per week, the Residency Extenstion Program runs 5 days per week for 12 hours per day. Residents also have access to help from the instructors at Coding House, along with other technical resources. However, the main goal is improving your skills to become a well-rounded developer that is attractive to any employer.


Who can apply?
When can I apply?
How much does it cost?
What is the schedule like?
Am I just working to teach students?
What topics are covered during workshops?
What are some perks?
Do I have to do it immediately after my cohort ends?
What if I took a loan from Coding House?

Study Hall Program

We are pleased to announce our new Study Hall Program at Coding House. It is open to students enrolled in our boot camp. It allows them to get help and/or come to Coding House early (before their cohort starts) to work on their prework. Students can arrive up to one month before the start of their cohort and receive help from the Code Mentors.

Why Do We Have This?
  • We have found that people who complete the prework and optional prework make more money and get more out of the program.
  • People who don't get it done early have a harder time in the program and have to repeat part or all of the program.
  • This makes sure you get as much as you can out of the boot camp.

How it works:
  • It is free for all enrolled students
  • Local students can come and go as they please from 10am to midnight
  • Non-local students can come and stay at Coding House. Space is limited, so if you are interested in this, please contact us (we give priority to students that are behind)
  • Remote is also an option for those who can't make it in. We have a Gitter channel open and are hosting workshops, and can also do one-on-one workshops with you over a hangout
  • When you get stuck, a Code Mentor will help you move forward
  • When students are well prepared, they learn more from their time at Coding House